Paediatric Liver Transplant – DJ’s Story at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Dr. Tamir Miloh came to Phoenix Children’s Hospital to build a Hepatology and Liver Transplant Program just for kids.
Liver disease is becoming more and more common in children; Dr. Miloh sees about 10 new patients each week with liver disease.
It was about a year ago that Dr. Miloh met DJ and her family.
DJ had been suffering from deteriorating affects of her liver failing for a few years, and her best chance was a liver transplant.
The next step was to find a donor. A close family friend came forward to volunteer as DJ’s donor; and she was a match.
Liver transplantation is unique because a live donor can donate part of their liver, and the remaining portion will regenerate. The same is true for the recipient – the donated portion will also regenerate in their body, and regrow to normal size.
DJ’s liver transplant operation went perfectly. Through the coordinated efforts of the Adult Living Donor Program at Mayo Clinic and the Pediatric Liver Transplant team at Phoenix Children’s, DJ’s future is looking bright.
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